7.05.16. Artex Study Group 2016, session 2. Riga

Lecturer: Katrin Meikar CDT

Date: 7.05.2016

Time: 10 am -5 pm

Venue program:

10.00-11.30 Lecture

11.30-12.30 Lunch break

12.30-16.30 Practical work: theory in practice

16.30-17.00 Questions, discussion


  • model analysis in articulator, occlusion analysis
  • patient vs plaster models
  • principles of working with articulator
  • occlusion details on patient teeth, looking in to details
  • adaptation with plaster models in articulator with patient physiological system
  • CAD/CAM solutions for virtual articulator
  • Digital Function Prosthetics

What to bring:

  • all participants needs model situation of their own teeth
  • (UJ + LJ — upper & lower jaw)
    operating in practical part is in pairs

Participants: 10 (dentist; dental technicians)

Registration: through payment of participation fee
Bank name: AS SEB Pank
IBAN: EE151010220223078223
Description: name of participant
Invoices are provided during the courses (required company name, registration number address).

In case of cancellation until 16th of May 50% of refund, from the 17th of May cancellation non-refundable.

Participation fee: 175€
(includes all materials and instruments, lunch and coffe breaks)


Course flyer:

Model management ENG